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Filtering images in WMS requests

A WMS based on an image service supports image filtering using vendor-specific parameters. Users can either specify a condition through the Query parameter, or image IDs through the Images parameter. The parameters apply to services published from mosaic datasets.


The IMAGES parameter queries individual rasters by their object IDs in the mosaic dataset.

Request: Displays one image whose object ID is 1:,-161.000416666667,23.0004166666666,-153.999583333333&WIDTH=981&HEIGHT=826&images=1

Request: Displays two images whose object IDs are 3 and 5:,-161.000416666667,23.0004166666666,-153.999583333333&WIDTH=981&HEIGHT=826&images=3,5


At 10.3, Image service WMS supports a new Query parameter. The Query parameter queries images based on a condition.

Request: Displays images whose project name starts with "Cotton". In the example, projectName is a custom field name in the mosaic dataset:,-.00056041068726637587,.0038293544476327114,.0040723426808816961&WIDTH=697&HEIGHT=817&LAYERS=0&STYLES=&FORMAT=image/png&BGCOLOR=0xFEFFFF&TRANSPARENT=TRUE&Query=ProjectName like 'Cotton%25'


The Query parameter only takes Standardized Queries by default. For more information, see About standardized queries.

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