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Geoprocessing service settings: Sharing

ArcGIS Online

To facilitate the discovery of geoprocessing services you create, you may want to share your service in ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS. You can use the Sharing tab within the Service Editor to decide to which audience you want to make your service discoverable.


You can share your services with groups within your organization, everyone in your organization, and even people outside your organization. However, keep in mind that ultimately people will only be able to use your service if they have access to your ArcGIS Server. For example, if ArcGIS for Server is running within your own intranet, sharing with Everyone will not necessarily make your geoprocessing service available outside your organization. Users outside your organization will be able to find your geoprocessing service item, but will not be able to access the service itself unless you configure ArcGIS Server properly to be publicly facing. Contact your IT department to make this possible.

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Parameter Explanation

Share your service with

You can share your service at three levels:

  • My Content will keep the service link private to your ArcGIS Online workspace. The service will be inaccessible to other ArcGIS Online users and clients on the web.
  • Everyone (public) makes your geoprocessing service public. This means anybody can access and see your service, including users on the web.
  • Members of these groups creates a link within the selected group to share your service.

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