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Globe service usage

Once you've created a globe service, client applications, such as ArcGlobe and ArcGIS Explorer Desktop, will be able to consume your globe service by connecting to ArcGIS Server and adding the service to the display.

Configuring web access for the service

Supported clients of globe services are ArcGlobe, ArcCatalog, ArcGIS Explorer Desktop, ArcReader, and ArcGIS Engine applications.

The allowed operations for globe services are Globe, Animation, and Query. All three are enabled by default.

  • Globe is always enabled and cannot be disabled; it is what allows you to access to the globe data.
  • Animation allows clients to access any animation contained in the globe document.
  • Query allows you to perform Find and Identify queries on feature data.

For a list of the methods associated with each operation, see Limiting what users can do with a service.

URL format

Globe services are available through SOAP and REST. You don't need to know the URL of the service if you are just adding it to ArcGlobe or ArcGIS Explorer Desktop; however, if you are writing code to develop a custom application that uses the globe service, the URL will be useful.

The SOAP URL uses the following pattern:

For example, if you had a service Halifax in a folder Canada on gisserver running on port 6080, the SOAP URL for your globe service would be:

The REST URL uses a similar pattern. You can discover the REST URL of your globe service through the ArcGIS Server Services Directory.