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Register a Dameng database with ArcGIS Server

As an ArcGIS Server administrator or a publisher in your organization, you have the option to register your data folders, databases, and geodatabases with ArcGIS Server so that services you publish can reference the data in those folders, databases, and geodatabases. Data registration provides ArcGIS Server a list of locations to access. Data registration also helps ArcGIS Server adjust data paths when publishing across machines.

The following sections describe how to prepare your ArcGIS client to connect to Dameng and register it with ArcGIS Server.

Install the Dameng DM client

You can download the DM client from Dameng Customer Support. Download and install the 64-bit DM client on your ArcGIS Server machine. See Configure a database connection for ArcGIS Server for information on preparing your ArcGIS Server installation to connect to Dameng.

If you will create a connection file and register the connection from ArcMap, also download the 32-bit DM client and install it on the machine where ArcMap is installed.

Follow the instructions provided by Dameng to install the DM client.

If your operating system contains a version of the library, create a soft link to In the following example, a link is made to from

ln -s /usr/lib64/

Grant privileges

Users who connect to the database must be granted specific privileges. See Privileges for using ArcGIS with Dameng for a list of required privileges.

Connect to Dameng

To register a database with the server, you must provide connection information. You can do this in one of the following ways:

  • Import an existing .sde file that contains the connection information.

    You can create a Database Connection (.sde) file from the Catalog tree in ArcGIS for Desktop or use the Create Database Connection geoprocessing tool.

  • Provide your connection information at the time of registration.

Regardless of which you choose, you must provide the following information to connect to a Dameng:

  • The type of database platform to which you are connecting (in this case, Dameng)
  • The name of the server where Dameng is installed
  • Authentication Type set to database authentication (operating system authentication is not supported)
  • A valid database user name and password, which must be saved with the connection

Register with ArcGIS Server

You can register the database from Server Manager or the Catalog tree in ArcGIS for Desktop. See the following topics for an explanation of registration options and how to register the database: