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Registering data folders and geodatabases with the search service

The search service only searches through data folders and geodatabases that you register with the service. You can register folders that contain data, file geodatabases, personal geodatabases, and database connection files.

Perform the following steps to register a folder, file or personal geodatabase, or database connection file with the search service:

  1. Log in to ArcGIS Server Manager and click Services > Manage Services.
  2. In the Manage Services module, locate your search service and click the Edit Edit icon next to its name.

    The preconfigured search service installed with ArcGIS Server is located in the Utilities folder by default.

  3. Click Parameters.

    On this panel, you can modify how the index is built and maintained, where it is stored, and how often new items are indexed.


    If you make changes to any of the cluster, indexing options, or indexing status parameters, save your changes before you proceed with registering your data. Once you register a folder, geodatabase, or database connection file in Manager, it is indexed immediately. If you click Save and Restart on the Parameters panel when you register your data, the service restarts and interrupts the indexing process.

  4. Find the list named Registered Folders and Geodatabases and click Add.
  5. Type the path to the folder, file geodatabase, personal geodatabase, or database connection (.sde) file that you want to index and click OK.

    The Indexing Status section of the Parameters panel shows the progress of the indexing process.