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Scene services

A scene service is an ArcGIS Server web service originating from a 3D scene in ArcGIS Pro. Scene services (also known as web scene layers) allow you to share 3D content via web scenes to your Portal for ArcGIS organization. Web scenes are similar in concept to web maps. However, instead of displaying 2D map or feature services, they use 3D scene services and give you access to 3D content originally created in ArcGIS Pro.

What are the prerequisites for creating a scene service?

You need to install and configure the following ArcGIS components to share a scene service:

  • ArcGIS Server (10.3.1 and later)
  • Portal for ArcGIS (10.3.1 and later)
  • ArcGIS Data Store (10.3.1 and later)
  • ArcGIS Pro (1.1 and later)

Once the above components are installed, do the following:

How do I create a scene service?

All scene services begin inside ArcGIS Pro, where you author a 3D scene. When you finish authoring and are ready to publish, select the desired layers in the Contents pane, right-click, and choose Share As Web Layer. The items in the Share Web Layer pane help you tune and configure your content for sharing to your organization. For full instructions, see Publish scenes in the Portal for ArcGIS help.


When you publish a scene service, you can choose to have its cache automatically generated by ArcGIS Server. Depending on the size of the cache, it may take some time before you can view and consume the service in the web scene viewer in the portal website.