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What's new for Maritime Chart Service

The 10.4.1 release of Maritime Chart Service contains several enhancements.

Enhancements at 10.4.1 Patch 1

Added S-52 IHO ECDIS Presentation Library support for edition 4.0.1

Deprecated at 10.4.1

  • The Maritime Configuration Utility is deprecated. The new Maritime Chart Service Install and Upgrade workflow will not use this Utility.
  • The HOSTNAME property is no longer required to support HTTP, HTTPS and WMS.

Enhancements at 10.4.1

  • New EPSG codes have been added to support:
    • WGS 84 / Alaska Polar Stereographic
    • WGS 84 / Antarctic Polar Stereographic
    • WGS 84 / Arctic Polar Stereographic
    • WGS 84 / UTM: Zones 1N - 60N
    • WGS 84 / UTM: Zones 1S - 60S
    • ETRS89 / UTM: Zones 28N - 38N
    • GR96 / UTM: Zones 18N - 29N
    • World Polyconic
  • Added support for AML 1.1.3 Portrayal Specification including a new Viewing Group option in the S52DisplayProperties.xml
  • Added support for IENC Overlays.

Enhancements at 10.4

  • EPSG: 3857 WGS 84/Pseudo-Mercator is now supported by Maritime Chart Service.
  • The Identify operation for Maritime Chart Service includes Envelope geometry support.
  • ArcGIS Web Adaptor support beyond the default value of ArcGIS is allowed.
  • The Identify operation for Maritime Chart Service supports all versions of ArcGIS API for JavaScript.
  • Updated Web AppBuilder version 1.3 Maritime Chart Service widgets are available on GitHub.