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Change geoprocessing service and service extension publishing privileges

Beginning at 10.4, only administrators can publish geoprocessing services and deploy service extensions (SOEs or SOIs). This provides greater security for your ArcGIS Server site, as these types of services allow custom scripts to be executed on the GIS server. Publishers who attempt to publish a geoprocessing service will get an error message with error code 001862.

You can, however, choose to enable publishers to publish geoprocessing services and deploy service extensions. To do so, follow these steps:


It's recommended that production environments restrict publishing of geoprocessing services and service extensions to administrators.

  1. Open the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory and log in with an account that has administrative privileges to the site. The Administrator Directory is typically available through a URL such as
  2. Click System > Properties > Update.
  3. Enter the allowGPAndExtensionPublishingToPublishers property and set it equal to true. The syntax should be in the following format: {"allowGPAndExtensionPublishingToPublishers": true}.
  4. Click Update.

Administrators and publishers can now publish geoprocessing services and deploy service extensions. To restrict publishing of these services back to administrators only, set the allowGPAndExtensionPublishingToPublishers property to false.