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Access map and image cache properties in Manager

When you edit a service in ArcGIS Server Manager, you can modify the tiling scheme and various other settings for the service's cache.


Some settings for cache management and generation are not available from Manager because Manager cannot launch geoprocessing tools. For the most comprehensive cache management experience, access the cache properties in ArcMap.

  1. Open ArcGIS Server Manager and log in as an ArcGIS Server administrator or the owner of the service. If you need help with this step, see Log in to ArcGIS Server Manager.
  2. Click Services, and click Manage Services.
  3. Click the name of your map or image service.

    This opens the service's properties.

  4. Click Caching in the left panel.
  5. Set the cache properties as desired.

    Note that some properties, such as tile origin and dimensions, are read-only after the cache is initialized.

    See Available map and image cache properties to learn about choosing cache options.

  6. When you finish modifying cache properties, click Save and Restart.