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Register an ALTIBASE hybrid database with ArcGIS Server

As an ArcGIS Server administrator or a publisher in your organization, you have the option to register your on-premises data stores and cloud stores. In doing so, you are registering data folders, databases, and geodatabases with ArcGIS Server so that services you publish can reference the data in those folders, databases, and geodatabases. Data registration provides ArcGIS Server a list of locations to access. Data registration also helps ArcGIS Server adjust data paths when publishing across machines.

The following sections describe how to prepare your ArcGIS client to connect to ALTIBASE and register it with ArcGIS Server.

Install the ALTIBASE HDB client

Install the ALTIBASE HDB client on all ArcGIS machines that need to connect to ALTIBASE. You can download the 64-bit ALTIBASE HDB Client from ALTIBASE Customer Support. Download and install the 64-bit ALTIBASE HDB client that is the same release version as the ALTIBASE database to which you need to connect. Follow the instructions provided by ALTIBASE to install.

Set variables

Uncomment and set the following variables in the ArcGIS Server on Linux script:

  • ALTIBASE_HOME=<Altibase_InstallDir>
  • ALTIBASE_PORT_NO=<Altibase_Port_No>

See Configure a database connection for ArcGIS Server for more information.

Grant privileges

The login used to connect to the database must have specific privileges granted to it. For logins that will only publish read-only services, grant the privileges necessary for a data viewer as described in Privileges for using ArcGIS with ALTIBASE. For logins that will publish editable feature services, grant the privileges necessary for a data editor.

Connect to ALTIBASE

To register an ALTIBASE hybrid database with an ArcGIS Server site, you'll need the following information:

  • The type of database platform to which you are connecting (in this case, ALTIBASE)
  • The ALTIBASE hybrid database server and port in the format DSN=<server name>;PORT_NO=<port number for ALTIBASE communication>
  • Authentication type set to database authentication (operating system authentication is not supported)
  • A valid database user name and password, which must be saved with the connection

Register with ArcGIS Server

You can register the database from ArcGIS Server Manager or the Catalog tree in ArcMap. See the following topics for an explanation of registration options and how to register the database: