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Start the geometry service in Manager

The geometry service helps applications do geometric calculations such as buffering, simplifying, calculating areas and lengths, and projecting. Before you can use the geometry service in your application development, you'll need to start the service. You can do this in ArcGIS Server Manager.

Start the geometry service

Follow these steps to start the geometry service in ArcGIS Server Manager:

  1. Open Manager and log in to your ArcGIS Server site. If you need help with this step, see the topic Log in to Manager.
  2. Click Services > Manage Services.
  3. In the Services module, click the Utilities folder.
  4. Within the Utilities folder, locate the geometry service and click the Start Start icon.

Your geometry service is started.

Configure multiple instances of the geometry service

Only one geometry service can exist in an ArcGIS Server site. However, you can configure multiple instances of the service to run at the same time.

Follow these steps to start multiple instances of the geometry service:

  1. Click the Edit Edit icon next to the geometry service name and choose Pooling.
  2. Increase the Maximum number of instances per machine value.

    For more information about pooling, see Tuning and configuring services.