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00006: Layer's symbology is not supported

Your layer is using an unsupported symbology option. The symbology option is not supported because the symbology type can affect drawing performance.


  • Change your layer to use a supported symbology option for display.
  • Alternatively, remove the layer that uses an unsupported symbology option.

More information

The layer's symbology option defines how each map layer portrays a dataset in the map display. When you create a layer, you have options for specifying how the information in your layer will be portrayed. This is sometimes referred to as a map renderer.

Many of these portrayals use advanced symbology that is cartographically complex and requires more time to generate a map display.

Here is a list of map symbology options that are not supported for basemap layers and map services:

  • Quantify by Category

    You can display a layer using a field to map by category and a quantity field. For example, you might display a road network using one attribute to represent the type of road and another representing the traffic volume.

    You can find alternative ways of expressing quantities in statistical maps. For example, for more information about feature displays, see About symbolizing data to represent quantity where you can read about using color or graduated symbols to show quantity.

  • Geostatistical Layers—Grid and Hillshade

    A geostatistical layer can be viewed in four different formats: filled contours, contours, grid, or hillshade. You can combine multiple formats in a single display of the layer to achieve various effects. The grid and hillshade options are not supported.

    For more information on visualizing geostatistical layers, see What is a geostatistical layer?

Chart renderers are not supported by basemap layers.