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Backup utility

The Backup utility creates a backup of your ArcGIS Server site configuration. The backup preserves information about your services and settings. It is stored as an .agssite file. Use the Restore utility if you ever need to apply the backup to return your site to its original state.

See Backing up and restoring your ArcGIS Server site configuration to learn more about the backup and restore capabilities of ArcGIS Server.




The name of an ArcGIS Server user who will execute the utility. The user must have the appropriate level of privileges to execute the action. If your site is configured with web-tier authentication, specify a built-in user, such as the primary site administrator account.


The password of the user who is specified with the -u parameter.


The URL of the site, in one of the following formats:

If your site is configured with web-tier authentication, you'll need to specify the local URL to your site.


The path to a folder where the backup will be placed as an .agssite file. The ArcGIS Server account must have write access to this folder.


Prints help for the utility.


The following example creates a backup in a folder named mybackups.

<Python installation location>\python.exe "C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Server\tools\admin\" -u admin -p admin -s http://myserver:6080 -f "d:\mybackups"

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