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Edit service properties in ArcMap

You can edit service properties by making an administrative connection to the ArcGIS Server site in ArcCatalog or ArcMap and opening the Service Editor.

To edit the properties of a service, follow these steps:

  1. In the Catalog tree, expand the GIS Servers node.
  2. Double-click Add ArcGIS Server and establish an Administer GIS server connection type to the server. If you have an administrative connection set up, you can skip this step. For instructions on how to connect, see Connect to ArcGIS Server from ArcGIS Desktop.
  3. Within your connection to ArcGIS Server, right-click the service you want to edit and choose Service Properties.
  4. Edit the properties of your service by clicking through the tabs on the left panel of the Service Editor.

    For details on how to edit service properties, find your service in Types of services. For information on how to best configure your services for deployment, see Tune and configure services.

  5. Click OK on the Service Editor.

    The edits to your service are applied immediately.