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Manage machines in an ArcGIS deployment on Microsoft Azure

You can manage sizes and states for machines in existing ArcGIS Enterprise deployments or ArcGIS Server sites you created through ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for Microsoft Azure.

You can change the following:

  • Machine type—You can choose from available Microsoft Azure machine types in the region of your deployment. Change types if you require more cores or memory on the machine.

    For ArcGIS Server machines, you can only use the number of cores for which you are licensed.

  • Operating system disk type—If you initially deployed with a magnetic disk drive (HDD) and want to improve performance, you can switch to a solid state drive (SSD). If you deployed with an SSD but you are only using the deployment in a development environment, you could switch to HDD to cut costs.
  • Operating system disk size—If you need more storage on the operating system disk, you can increase the size.
  • Add a data disk—To add more storage space, add a data disk.
  • Machine state—You can stop, restart, or delete a machine. You can stop a machine to save on Azure charges. Restart the machine when it is needed again.

    Do not delete a machine unless you do not need it any longer. You cannot recover a deleted machine.

Follow these steps to manage machines, including their state, and disk settings:

  1. Start ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for Microsoft Azure.
  2. Sign in to Microsoft Azure.

    If you want to use the Microsoft Azure Government cloud and have an Azure Government subscription, check U.S. Government Cloud.

  3. Choose the subscription that contains the deployment you want to manage and click next.

    If your account only has access to one subscription, you will not see this page.

  4. Click the down arrow next to the name of the deployment you want to manage. This shows you additional machines in the deployment (if any exist), which allows you to manage those machines as well.
  5. Click the Manage Machines in the site button Manage Machines in the site for the machine you want to manage.

    The Configure Machines page opens.

  6. For each machine, make the changes you require.
    • Change a machine's state by choosing a state from the Desired State drop-down list.
    • To change machine type and disk settings, click the Configure Virtual Machine button configure virtual machine and specify new settings. Click apply when setting changes are complete.
  7. Provide the site administrator user name and password to authenticate the changes and click next.
  8. Specify a storage account in which to store temporary objects necessary to complete this change, and click next.

    You can use an existing storage account in any region, or create a new one. Cloud Builder deletes these temporary deployment objects after the deployment change completes. If you want to preserve the objects, for example, to help troubleshoot if the change fails, check Preserve deployment artifacts upon completion.

  9. Confirm your site administrator user name and click finish to save your changes to your deployment.