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Editing services

Occasionally, you must edit the services running on ArcGIS Server. These edits may be simple, such as updating service capabilities, or complex, such as managing workspaces for dynamic layers in a map service. Typically, you'll encounter the following scenarios when considering how you'll edit your published service.

Edit service properties

After you publish a service to a server, either on-premises or in the cloud, you may need to modify the properties of the published service. Activities such as changing service parameters or pooling can be modified in ArcGIS Server Manager.

The service properties available for you to edit will vary depending on the service type. For example, if you have a map service running on the server, the properties available for you to edit will be specific to map services.

For specific instructions on how to edit the properties of published services, see Edit service properties in Manager.

Overwrite a service

When you publish a GIS resource as a service, the item is placed on the server where ArcGIS Server has permissions to access it. Thus, if you publish an address locator as a geocode service, a copy of the locator ends up on the server. Therefore, if you update your address locator on-premises, you must overwrite the copy of the address locator on the server for the changes to be reflected on the web.

For example, you created a map named Japan_Population and published it to ArcGIS Server. However, after publishing, you decide you want the service to show Japan's 2010 population instead of the 2000 population. In this scenario, you could open the Japan_Population map, edit the map to show the 2010 population, update the symbology of the map, and then overwrite the existing service using the updated map. When the Japan_Population map service is overwritten, it will display Japan's 2010 population and the updated map symbology.

If you do not know where the existing source map resides, you can access this information in the properties of the service in ArcGIS Server Manager. Follow the instructions in Edit service properties and when the Edit module opens, click the General tab. The document information is listed in the Original Document section.