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Author maps to publish feature services

When you author a map to publish as a feature service, you need to consider the purpose of the feature service and where the data for the feature service is stored, as that affects how you create, manage, and use the feature service.

This topic covers authoring a feature service to be published to a stand-alone or federated ArcGIS GIS Server site. The feature service references the data in an enterprise geodatabase or database you registered with the GIS Server site.


Virtual layers, such as route events and x,y events can also be published in a feature service, but they are read-only.

Before you author a map for publishing, prepare the data to meet feature service requirements and register data stores with the GIS Server site.

When the data is ready, create and configure a map in ArcGIS Pro that contains the data you want to publish, define symbology and other data properties in the map, and define a feature template for the editing environment (if you want the feature service to be editable).

Configure a map

After you prepare and register the data, add it to a map in ArcGIS Pro and set properties on the layers and tables. These properties define how the data appears and what the client can do with the data.

See Author a web map in the ArcGIS Pro help for information on configuring a map for publishing.

Data sources in the map

All layers and stand-alone tables in the map must reference a single enterprise geodatabase or database when you publish a feature service that references registered data to a federated GIS Server site. No other data sources—such as shapefiles, mobile geodatabases, or file geodatabases*—can be in the map.

Also, you must use a single database connection file to access the data. This is true when publishing to federated and stand-alone GIS Server sites.

For example, in the following scenario, publishing will fail:

Map layerData source


A database connection file that connects to database1 as a user named dataeditor.


A database connection file that connects to database1 using operating system authentication.

*You can publish a feature service that references multipatch data in a file geodatabase to a federated GIS Server site if you do not enable editing on the feature service and if the file geodatabase multipatch data is the only data in the map.

User type extension functionality

If you publish to an ArcGIS Server site federated with an ArcGIS Enterprise portal, and the site is licensed with one of the supported user type extensions, the map from which you publish can include those extension data types.

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