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Workgroup geodatabases used with ArcGIS on Amazon Web Services

If you have a workgroup edition license, you can install, configure, and use an ArcGIS Server workgroup site and a workgroup database server on an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance.


Creation and management of database servers and workgroup geodatabases are tied to ArcMap. ArcMap 10.8.1 is the last release you can use to create and manage a database server.

Install and configure a database server on Amazon Web Services

For the most part, installing and configuring a workgroup database server on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the same as on-premises. The following is a summary of the steps you need to take:

  1. Make a remote desktop connection to an EC2 instance running a Microsoft Windows operating system supported for the version of ArcMap and ArcGIS Server that you will install on the instance.
  2. Follow instructions in the ArcGIS Desktop installation guide and ArcGIS Server installation guide to install and configure the software.

    Use the Other versions option to access the correct software version.

  3. Follow the instructions in the Database Server (Workgroup) installation guide to install the database server instance, enable it to store geodatabases, and create a geodatabase.

    When connecting to the database server from the EC2 instance, use localhost in place of the server name. On EC2, you are not limited to one specific server; therefore, you cannot specify a server name to connect to the SQL Server Express instance. Using localhost ensures that ArcGIS can find the SQL Server Express instance.

  4. Workgroup geodatabases use Windows authentication exclusively. Follow the instructions in the AWS documentation to create logins on the EC2 instance.
  5. Add the logins to the database server and grant permissions for loading data.

    See database server instructions in the ArcMap help.

  6. Place the new logins in the Windows Remote Desktop Users group to allow users to sign in to the EC2 instance.
  7. Create a database connection file (.sde file) for each workgroup geodatabase you want to use for source data when publishing. Next, register each file with the ArcGIS Server site.

    You cannot publish an ArcGIS Server web service from the Database Servers node (.gdb file) in the Catalog tree. Services must point to a database connection (.sde file).

As with all geodatabases on AWS, once the workgroup geodatabases exist, you must load data into them.

See the Administering geodatabases on database servers section of the ArcMap help for information about customizing or directly administering workgroup geodatabases.