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Install Workflow Manager Server

ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server can be installed on its own machine or on the hosting server machine. For production deployments, it is recommended that you install ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server on its own machine. To install ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server on its own machine, ArcGIS Server must be installed on that same machine but does not need to be licensed as a GIS server. The ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server license provides access to only the ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server capability on the machine.

When migrating from the ArcGIS Workflow Manager (Classic) extension to the Workflow Manager service-based architecture, the Workflow Manager Server role must be installed and licensed.

  1. Sign in as a user with administrative privileges.
  2. Obtain an authorization file for the machine on which you are installing ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server.
  3. Sign in to My Esri.
  4. Click the My Organization tab.
  5. Click the Downloads tab.

    The Products page appears.

  6. Locate ArcGIS Enterprise (Windows) and click View Downloads.

    The Download Components tab appears.

  7. Expand the Product Components section.
  8. Click Download for the ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server setup package.
  9. Browse to the folder that contains the setup package and double-click the file to extract its contents.
  10. The setup program should launch automatically. If the setup program does not launch automatically, browse to the location of the extracted setup files and double-click Setup.exe.
  11. Review the license agreement and accept it or close the window if you do not agree with the terms.
  12. To complete the installation, follow the directions on the screen.