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What is the Map Production System?

获得 Production Mapping 许可后可用。

The Map Production System (MPS) web app is an ArcGIS Enterprise configurable self-serve web app that can export high-end map products. This app is included with either the ArcGIS Production Mapping or ArcGIS Defense Mapping server extension.

This app uses a Topographic Production Server. In ArcGIS Pro, you can enable this service and configure its properties, including which map products the service supports and are available in the app to export.


The following components are required for deployment of the MPS web app:

  • ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9 or later.
    • ArcGIS Server
    • Portal for ArcGIS
    • ArcGIS Web Adaptor
  • Enterprise Production Mapping product data files or Enterprise Defense Mapping product data files installed on the server.
    • These files also contain MPS files that must be copied to your server at the following location: <installation location>/ArcGIS/Portal/apps/mps/
  • The Topographic Production Service is deployed with the topographic production capabilities enabled. This is published from ArcGIS Pro.

Ensure that the fonts required by the map products you want to export are installed on your system.

Supported browsers

The MPS web app uses the local storage capabilities of your browser similar to browser cookies. If this storage is disabled, the MPS app will not function properly. For the best performance, use the latest version of one of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge Legacy, and Safari are not supported.