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What's new for ArcGIS Maritime

在 Standard 或 Advanced 许可等级下可用。

获得 Production Mapping 许可后可用。

获得 ArcGIS Maritime 许可后可用。

The latest release of ArcGIS Maritime server extension contains several enhancements.


For a complete list of enhancements and issues addressed, visit the product download page.

Maritime Chart Service (MCS)

The following enhancements were made for Maritime Chart Service (MCS):

  • All bugs and enhancements through the release of 10.9.1 Patch 1 are available.
  • Turn sublayers on and off for the MCS MapServer endpoint using ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Online web viewer.
  • Enter custom extents using the Maritime Chart Service tile package or mcstpk.exe.
  • Enhanced Lua support and symbols for custom symbology.
  • Display blue light sectors with COLOUR=5 using a newly added color token, LITBL.
    Blue light sector using color token LITBL

Custom Chart Builder (CCB)

The following enhancements were made for Custom Chart Builder (CCB):

  • Geoenabled notes now support point and line geometries.
  • Convert exported products from RGB to CMYK.
  • Page layouts (.pagx files) now use a center anchor point for the map frame.
  • New Lua scripts for the following:
    • Land objects, lndare01.lua, and quapos01.lua
    • Coastline object, coalne01.lua
  • Enhanced restricted area script, resare04.lua, with SVG symbols N20, N21, and N2.1
  • PDF Merge Support allows you to merge elements and pages within a PDF document. This feature is optional, however, without this feature, PDF documents cannot be exported from the Custom Chart Builder (CCB) app.