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What's new in ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Server

New at 10.6.1

The 10.6.1 release of ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Server includes minor enhancements to the software and the documentation; no major new functionality is included with this release.

New at 10.6

Managing Reviewer results

Workflows for managing error results have changed to enable support for geodatabase replication in ArcMap. Management of Reviewer sessions has also been simplified when using versioned enterprise geodatabases. For more information, see Starting a Reviewer session in an enterprise geodatabase.

This change requires an update of the Reviewer workspace tables to enable these new capabilities. For more information, see Migrating an existing Reviewer workspace to the current version. You will be prompted to update your Reviewer workspace to the current version in the Reviewer Session Manager. Newly generated Reviewer schemas do not require an update.

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