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What's new in ArcGIS Data Reviewer Server

ArcMap runtime-based server object extension (SOE)

The 10.9.1 release of the ArcMap runtime-based Data Reviewer (SOE) includes minor enhancements to the software and the documentation; no major new functionality is included with this release.


For a complete list of enhancements and issues addressed, visit the product download page.

ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.x ist Bestandteil der 2021-Versionen und die letzte Version von ArcGIS Enterprise, die aus ArcMap veröffentlichte Services unterstützt. Mit Einführung der ArcGIS 2022-Versionen wird es nicht mehr möglich sein, Services von ArcMap (einschließlich ArcPy-basierter Services in ArcMap) auf ArcGIS Server-Sites zu veröffentlichen. Esri empfiehlt allen Kunden, sämtliche Veröffentlichungs-Workflows jetzt auf ArcGIS Pro umzustellen.

To prepare for this change, you are encouraged to migrate automated review workflows to Data Reviewer capabilities available in attribute rules.

ArcGIS Pro runtime-based

The 10.9.1 release of the ArcGIS Pro-enabled Validation service includes new checks to automate validation of your data using Data Reviewer attribute rules. The following table describes the new methods available to automate validation of your data with Data Reviewer-enabled attribute rules:


Adjacent Vertex Elevation Change

Finds features that contain an elevation (Z) change greater than a specified tolerance


Finds features or rows based on the result from multiple Reviewer checks

Evaluate Intersection Count

Finds polyline features that spatially intersect other polyline or polygon features a specified number of times

Evaluate Z Values

Finds features with z-values that fall within specified parameters

Find Dangles

Finds polylines features that have dangles within a specified tolerance

Find Disconnected Polylines

Finds polyline features that are not connected to other features in the same or other data sources

Polygon Gap is Sliver

Finds gaps between polygon features that are below a specified thinness ratio

Polygon Overlap is Sliver

Finds overlaps between polygon features that are below a specified thinness ratio

Polygon Sliver

Finds polygon features with a thinness ratio below a specified threshold

Regular Expression

Finds features and rows that contain text values that do not match a defined pattern


Finds rows in features classes and stand-alone tables that violate cardinality or relationship rules defined in a relationship class

Unclosed Polygon

Finds unclosed rings in polygon features

Unique Field Value

Finds rows in feature classes and stand-alone tables that contain nonunique values in a field or a list of fields that are editable