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Simulating and logging data in GeoEvent Server

ArcGIS GeoEvent Server (for Windows) includes two applications, one that can be used to simulate event data into GeoEvent Serverand one to view a log of event data processed by GeoEvent Server.

GeoEvent Simulator is a Windows application capable of connecting to a TCP/Text input to send simulated event data to a GeoEvent Service. GeoEvent Simulator, as a client, connects to a TCP socket hosted by a Receive Text from a TCP Socket Input Connector. Simulated event data is sent as delimited text to the input which can then be processed in a GeoEvent Service.

GeoEvent Logger is a Windows application capable of displaying and logging event records processed by a GeoEvent Service and sent to a TCP/Text output for delivery to external components. GeoEvent Logger hosts TCP sockets to which the Push Text to an External TCP Socket Output Connector can connect.