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Adding a filter to a GeoEvent Service

A filter can be added to a GeoEvent Service to perform real-time filtering of GeoEvents based on a specified set of conditions. Filters are added using a service designer similar to ModelBuilder in ArcGIS Desktop. The difference is rather than working with geoprocessing elements, a service designer is working with GeoEvent Service elements (for example, inputs, outputs, filters, and processors).

To add a filter to a GeoEvent Service, drag and drop a filter element from the element tray onto the canvas or double-click the filter element to add it to the GeoEvent Service—in either case, a properties dialog box will open, allowing you to configure the filter.

See Filters to learn more about the filters available with the GeoEvent Server.

Step-by-step instructions illustrating how to add filters to a GeoEvent Service can be found in the Introduction to GeoEvent Server tutorial. Access the tutorial from GeoEvent Server tutorials.