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Field Reducer Processor


The Field Reducer Processor can be used to remove fields from an event record. It deletes attribute data from the event record being processed, allowing a simplified representation of the event record to be routed for additional processing or sent to an output.


  • The Field Reducer Processor can be used to limit the schema of inbound vehicle data before applying updates to a publicly shared feature service. The source data may contain fields such as Driver_Name and Phone_Number that should not be exposed to end users.
  • The Event Joiner Processor creates a combined schema from two source GeoEvent Definitions. There may be fields not needed in each GeoEvent Definition, the Field Reducer Processor can be used to remove fields from the joined GeoEvent Definition so only the necessary fields are available.

Usage notes

  • When configuring the Field Reducer Processor, specify the fields to be removed as a comma-separated list.
  • The processor alters the event record's schema which requires GeoEvent Server to create a new GeoEvent Definition. The new GeoEvent Definition will be managed by GeoEvent Server and deleted if changes are made to the processor or the GeoEvent Service in which the processor participates.
  • Unlike the Field Mapper Processor, the Field Reducer Processor provides a way to select fields to exclude in the new GeoEvent Definition.




A descriptive name for the processor used for reference in GeoEvent Manager.


The name of the selected processor.

Fields to Remove

The name of a field, or a comma-separated list of fields, to remove from the source GeoEvent Definition. These field(s) will not be included in the new GeoEvent Definition created by the processor. When specifying multiple fields for removal, use a comma-separated list with no spaces (for example Driver_Name,Phone_Number) or click Select Fields to select the fields from a GeoEvent Definition.

New GeoEvent Definition Name

The name of the new GeoEvent Definition the processor will create. The new GeoEvent Definition will only contain the fields from the source GeoEvent Definition not selected for removal.

Considerations and limitations

  • The Field Reducer Processor only supports removal of fields from the current GeoEvent Definition. If the objective is to change the field names, data types, or add new fields, use the Field Mapper Processor.