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Create a GeoEvent Service

With the necessary input(s) and output(s) created, you can drag and drop different elements (inputs, outputs, filters, and processors) onto the service designer canvas and connect them to create a GeoEvent Service. The connection between two elements is called a route. The workflow is similar to ModelBuilder in ArcGIS Desktop, only rather than working with geoprocessing elements, you work with GeoEvent Service elements (for example, inputs, outputs, filters, and processors).

GeoEvent Services require at least one input and one output in order to publish the service. Optional elements such as filters, choices, and processors can be added to a GeoEvent Service allowing you to perform real-time analysis and processing on the event data as it is received.

Example GeoEvent Service illustrating the use of an input connector, filter, processor, and two output connectors

GeoEvent Services are created and managed in ArcGIS GeoEvent Manager. New GeoEvent Services can be created by clicking Create Service on the GeoEvent Services page.

Step-by-step instructions illustrating how to create a GeoEvent Service can be found in the Introduction to GeoEvent Server tutorial. Access the tutorial from GeoEvent Server tutorials.