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Remove jobs from the scheduler database


ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.x, part of the ArcGIS 2021 releases, are the last ArcGIS Enterprise releases that support services published from ArcMap. You are encouraged to migrate automated review workflows to ArcGIS Data Reviewer capabilities available in ArcGIS Pro attribute rules.

There are two types of automated validation jobs, on demand and scheduled.

On demand jobs are also known as ad hoc jobs. The server executes on demand jobs immediately and one time only. If validation completes successfully, the job's status is set to Completed. A job with a status of Completed will not execute again.

Scheduled jobs execute repeatedly according to a schedule until the job's maxNumberOfExecutions property is exceeded. Once this condition is true, the job's status is set to Completed. The job will not execute again.

Removing jobs from the scheduler database

Scheduled and ad hoc batch validation jobs are periodically removed from the scheduler database. Removal is automatic and controlled by the Data Reviewer server extension. The extension checks the database once per 60 minutes for jobs to remove.

The following table details when each type of job is removed from the scheduler database.

Validation typeJob statusClean up interval

On demand (ad hoc)


24 hours after validation finish time

On demand (ad hoc)


24 hours after validation creation time if job execution does not successfully start



24 hours after maxNumberOfExecutions is exceeded