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Use a command to enable SQL Server Express to store geodatabases

You can run the installation executable from a command (a silent installation) instead of running the wizard to enable the SQL Server Express instance to store geodatabases. This only enables the instance as a database server; it does not install SQL Server Express.

  1. Log in as a Windows administrator to the computer where SQL Server Express is installed.
  2. Open an MS-DOS command window as a Windows administrator.
  3. If you are enabling SQL Server Express to use with ArcGIS Server Workgroup, you must authorize the software first. To do this, execute the following command, providing the full path and executable name for the software authorization wizard, along with the path to and name of your prvc file and your e-mail address:
    <path to software authorization executable>\softwareauthorization.exe 
    -s -lif <path and name of prvc file> -email <email address of authorizing user>

    For example:

    -s -lif "c:\licenses\Server_Wkg_Std.prvc" -email
  4. For all SQL Server Express instances to be used as database servers, execute the following command. Provide the full path and executable name, the full login name of the user you want to be the database server administrator, the SQL Server Express instance name, and the path and name for a log file for the operation:
    <path to executable>\DatabaseServerSetup.exe 
    -silent -user <user_login> -instance <SQL Server instance name> 
    -logfile <path and name of log file>

    For example:

    -silent -user ourdomain\mjruser -instance myserver\sqlex 
    -logfile c:\logs\logfile.log

    The executable name can vary slightly. The location varies depending on where you placed the installation files and whether you are using 32- or 64-bit SQL Server Express. Be sure the name and location you provide match the executable you need to run.

The SQL Server Express instance is now enabled to store geodatabases and has a server administrator added to it.

Next, configure ArcMap to connect to the database server.