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Install and configure ArcGIS Video Server

Welcome to the  ArcGIS Video Server installation guide. This guide includes step-by-step instructions for installing and configuring ArcGIS Video Server and the server site.

Before installing ArcGIS Video Server, do following:

  • Review the system requirements  and make any adjustments necessary to the server machine.
  • Obtain the software package from My Esri, including the software installer and license.

After ensuring that your system is prepared for the installation, use the installation guide to complete your server setup. The following is an overview of the installation process:

  1. Install the ArcGIS Video Server software on your machine using the installation wizard  or by completing a  silent installation.
  2. Create the ArcGIS Video Server site.
  3. Install and configure an ArcGIS Web Adaptor instance with the ArcGIS Video Server site.
  4. Configure the site with your  ArcGIS Enterprise portal. Federate the server site with the portal and designate it as the portal's ArcGIS Video Server.
  5. Have an administrator provide ArcGIS Excalibur licenses to user accounts that will be publishing video layers to ArcGIS Video Server. See the ArcGIS Excalibur system requirements to provide the correct privileges.

Follow the instructions carefully, as the installation process for ArcGIS Video Server differs from that of other servers.

ArcGIS Video Server can manually be deployed in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Full support for Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services cloud formation templates are not currently supported.

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