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Manage directories

ArcGIS GeoEvent Server uses two directories for managing key system files and folders, the Configuration Store and Gateway directories.

You can manage and edit the location of the directories in ArcGIS GeoEvent Manager on the Directories page.


As a best practice, you should only modify the directory locations if disk space is limited on the default drive.

Directories page in GeoEvent Manager

Configuration Store

The Configuration Store directory is where your GeoEvent Server configuration is stored. This includes all of your registered server connections, inputs, outputs, GeoEvent Definitions, tags, default backup folder, and more.

The default directory location of the Configuration Store directory is as follows:

  • Windows—C:\ProgramData\Esri\GeoEvent
  • Linux—/home/<user>/.esri/GeoEvent/config.<machine_name>


The Gateway directory for stores important GeoEvent Server system files, including the Kafka and ZooKeeper data. As connectors are created and data is processed in GeoEvent Server, the size of this directory can grow significantly. As a best practice, choose a location for the Gateway directory on a local drive where available disk space is not a concern.

The default location of the Gateway directory is as follows:

  • Windows—C:\ProgramData\Esri\GeoEvent-Gateway
  • Linux—/home/<user>/.esri/GeoEvent-Gateway/data.<machine_name>


The GeoEvent Server services are restarted if the directory locations are changed, and GeoEvent Manager is not accessible during this time.