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Upgrade ArcGIS Knowledge Server

Upgrading ArcGIS Knowledge Server provides your organization with the latest features and improvements to the software.

You must upgrade ArcGIS Knowledge Server as part of the process of upgrading your ArcGIS Enterprise deployment on either Windows or Linux.

Follow the recommended order to upgrade your deployment.

  1. Upgrade your ArcGIS Enterprise portal.
  2. Upgrade ArcGIS Web Adaptor for the ArcGIS Enterprise portal.
  3. Upgrade the ArcGIS Server site serving as the portal's hosting server.
  4. Upgrade ArcGIS Web Adaptor for the portal's hosting server.
  5. Upgrade ArcGIS Data Store. The ArcGIS Data Store graph store will be upgraded as part of this step.
  6. Upgrade any other ArcGIS Server sites in the deployment including your ArcGIS Knowledge Server site. For the ArcGIS Knowledge Server site, follow the same Windows or Linux instructions you used when upgrading the portal's hosting server. Ensure you reauthorize the site as ArcGIS Knowledge Server.

The ArcGIS Enterprise deployment, the ArcGIS Data Store graph store, and the ArcGIS Knowledge Server site must all have the same software version.