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Change permissions for the workspace directory

Each notebook author in the ArcGIS Enterprise portal has a unique folder in the workspace directory, that they can use to store and read the files used in their notebooks. The folder is available in each ArcGIS Notebook they create, and the notebook has read and write permissions to the user's workspace directory. A notebook has read and write permissions to its user's workspace directory folder only; that folder cannot access other users' workspace directories, and the folder cannot be accessed from other users' notebooks.

By default, a user's private workspace directory is created in the /directories/arcgisworkspace/<userid> folder, and permissions are set as -rwxrwxrwx. This permission level is necessary because, by default, the Linux user account running in the container has a user ID (UID) and group ID (GID) that are different than your operating system (OS) user account running the ArcGIS Notebook Server daemon.

If you don't want to use the open permission model for security reasons, you can change the model using the applyDefaultUserWorkspacePermissions system property. When you set this property to true, workspace directories are created using your system's default setting, such as -rwx------, rather than the open -rwxrwxrwx setting.

To use this feature, the OS user running the Notebook Server daemon must have a UID of 1050 and a GID of 100 (to match the UID and GID of the container user).

  1. Log in to the Administrator Directory.

    The URL is formatted

  2. Click System > Properties > Edit.
  3. Add the following JSON string to the properties box, and save your edit: