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What's new in ArcGIS Notebook Server 11.1

ArcGIS Notebook Server 11.1 includes new enhancements, tools, and bug fixes. Notable new developments are described below.

New at 11.1

ArcGIS Notebook Server with Windows containers

At 11.1, support for ArcGIS Notebook Server with Windows containers is moving from beta to general availability, and the Notebooks runtime with Windows containers is now the default option for ArcGIS Notebook Server installed on Windows Server 2022.

For more information, see Mirantis Container Runtime and ArcGIS Notebook Server (Windows containers).

Run web tools privilege

ArcGIS Notebook Server 11.1 supports a new Run web tools privilege that allows users with type Creator or above to run web tools published from notebooks. Users with this privilege do not require notebook privileges to consume notebook web tools. Users with notebook privileges or the Publish web tool privilege can still consume web tools published from notebooks.

Code snippets

The code snippets pane now allows notebook users to create and share their own code snippets with other notebook users in their organization. Notebook users can also search and consume code snippets that are shared with their group or organization.

For more information, see Use Python code snippets.


There is a new Organization webhooks privilege that allows users to create, edit, and delete organizational webhooks and manage all webhooks in the portal. There is also a new user experience on the Portal Organization page for configuring webhooks.

Additionally, there is a new user experience for configuring webhooks on the Portal Organization Settings tab.

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