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View available Python libraries

Each notebook runtime in ArcGIS Notebook Server packages a precise list of Python libraries, including a specific version of each. If you need a library that is not in either runtime by default, you can extend a notebook runtime to include it.

The documents linked in the following table provide a complete list of the Python libraries packaged in each default runtime:

While authoring or viewing a notebook, you can view the available libraries for the notebook's runtime. Click the Info pane of the notebook editor, and click the link of the runtime in the General section. The available libraries for the runtime appear on a dialog box.

Access a runtime's manifest

An up-to-date list of each library included in each runtime, including their versions, is also available in Server Manager. Follow the steps below to access a runtime's manifest.

  1. Sign in to your ArcGIS Enterprise portal as an administrator and open ArcGIS Notebook Server Manager.
  2. Open the Settings page, and click Runtimes.
  3. Choose the runtime you want to review, and click its Manifest button.

The manifest resource provides a JSON representation of each Python library included in the runtime.

Deprecated libraries at 11.1

  • paddle
  • paddleocr