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What's new in Pipeline Referencing for Server?

Conflict prevention in Pipeline Referencing for Server

Conflict prevention is now supported in Pipeline Referencing for Server 10.7 and ArcGIS Pro 2.3. The conflict prevention process allows users to select routes and events for exclusive use for editing in their version. Once a route or event is associated with the user who locks it, only that user can make changes to the locked route or event until the edits are posted to the Default version in the geodatabase or the version with the edits is deleted. This ensures no other user can make changes while the user with exclusive use is editing. Conflict prevention is supported through new Linear Referencing Server REST API endpoints to acquire, query, and release locks. In Event Editor, any service with layers from a linear referencing service (LRS) with conflict prevention enabled will automatically have conflict prevention in use throughout the application.

Location Referencing geoprocessing toolbox in ArcGIS Server

A new system toolbox has been added to Location Referencing for Server 10.7


This toolbox is automatically deployed with other system tools in ArcGIS Server when you create a new site.

LocationReferencingSystemTools supports executing Location Referencing geoprocessing tools with input data coming from a feature service that has both linear referencing and version management capabilities enabled. For more information, see Enabling the linear referencing capability and Share as web layers with linear referencing and version management.