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ArcGIS Data Store account

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The ArcGIS Data Store account is created when you install ArcGIS Data Store. The ArcGIS Data Store service runs under this account on Windows servers. The ArcGIS Data Store account also writes information to the data store backup directory, data store directory, and restore staging directory.

Local versus domain accounts

Although you have the option to use a local operating system account or a domain account, use a domain ArcGIS Data Store account for production systems. Esri recommends that production systems use a network shared directory for data store backups, and only domain accounts will have access to shared directories on the network.

If you choose to use a local operating system account, this account cannot access network locations and, therefore, you cannot specify a shared network location for your data store backups or restore staging directory. When you install ArcGIS Data Store, the Windows native LocalSystem account is used to run the data store service. The LocalSystem account cannot access network locations; therefore, change the account used to run the ArcGIS Data Store service.

For instructions on changing the ArcGIS Data Store service account, see Tasks to perform after you create a data store.