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Crowdsource Manager

The Crowdsource Manager application template can be used to triage crowd sourced data across multiple layers and maps as it is collected using applications such as Crowdsource Reporter or Collector for ArcGIS. Using Crowdsource Manager, these reports can be reviewed and attributes such as assignment and status can be updated. Users of the application can look for patterns and clusters in reports, review problem details, update status, and assign responsibility to handle reports.

The application presents one or more maps for which you can review problems and observations.

You can create a Crowdsource Manager app by creating a group and creating an app using this template, or clicking Create > App > From Template on the My Content page.


You can configure the app using any of the following options:

  • Group and map settings: Choose which groups and map details to display in the application. Also use the map popup settings to specify which fields should be visible and which should be editable.
  • Header settings: You can customize the application header, including specifying a title, choosing a color theme for the application, specifying an application icon, and specifying a favorite icon (favicon) to display when the app is loaded.


This application requires a group that contains at least one map with at least one editable feature layer. The layer (or layers) in the map must have add, update, and delete editing capabilities enabled.

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