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Configure Roadway Reporter for Esri Roads and Highways licenses

Esri Roadway Reporter for Roads and Highways is an application powered by Esri Roads and Highways for Server, which allows you to create mileage, road segment, and road log reports from a map-centric user experience. Roadway Reporter allows you to configure, save, and share reports, and supports generating reports to either the Adobe PDF format or to CSV files that can be manipulated further in Microsoft Excel.

Purchase and download an Roadway Reporter for Esri Roads and Highways license file through My Esri, and import the file to the portal website. You can then provision Roadway Reporter licenses to members of your ArcGIS Enterprise portal through the portal website.

Configure Roadway Reporter for Esri Roads and Highways licenses for your organization

Configure Roadway Reporter licenses using the following steps. The portal you specify to manage licenses is known as the licensing portal. Roadway Reporter connects to this portal to obtain licensing information for members of your organization. If your organization has multiple portals, ensure the portal you specify is the one you want to use to manage Roadway Reporter licenses.

  1. Log in to My Esri and click My Organizations > Licensing > Create New Provisioning File.
  2. Choose Additional Portal Products from the Product Type list.

    The Version, License Type, Provision, and File Type options populate automatically.

  3. Click Apply.
  4. Choose the number of named users you need in the Allocate column of the products list. Click Next.
  5. Provide the contact and address information for your organization.


    Click Populate user fields from my profile and Populate organization fields from my organization to automatically enter the information associated with your account.

  6. Specify the delivery option for your license file. Optionally add a description or note to your request.
  7. Click Review File and verify the provisioning information.
  8. Click Create File.

    Depending on the delivery option you specified, the file is available for download immediately or attached to an email sent to the address you specified.

  9. Save the file in a directory that is accessible to the portal machine.
  10. Open a web browser and sign in to your ArcGIS Enterprise portal as the default administrator in your portal organization.

    The portal you sign in to becomes the licensing portal for your organization.

  11. Click Organization > Manage Licenses > Import.
  12. Browse to and select the Roadway Reporter license file you generated from My Esri.
  13. Click Import to configure your ArcGIS Enterprise portal for Roadway Reporter licenses.

Provision Roadway Reporter licenses in Portal for ArcGIS

Once you've configured Roadway Reporter licenses for your organization, assign licenses to yourself and your portal members. See Manage licenses for full instructions.

Remove entitlements for Roadway Reporter

If your organization decides to stop using Roadway Reporter, you can remove the entitlements from your portal using the following steps:

  1. Remove the Roadway Reporter license from each portal member account that was assigned one.
    1. Sign in to the ArcGIS Enterprise portal website as a member of the default administrator role.
    2. Click Organization > Manage Licenses > Additional Products.

      Note that if your ArcGIS Enterprise portal does not have ArcGIS Pro entitlements, you will not see the Additional Products tab.

    3. To remove licenses from one member at a time, click the hyperlink in the Licensed for column. To remove licenses from multiple members, click each member to add them to the Selected Members list and click Configure.
    4. Uncheck Esri Roadway Reporter under Esri Applications and click Update.
  2. Now you can remove the Roadway Reporter entitlements from your portal.
  3. Open a web browser and sign in to the ArcGIS Portal Directory for the licensing portal. Sign in as a member of the default administrator role in your portal organization. The URL is formatted as, where is the fully qualified machine name where Portal for ArcGIS is installed.
  4. Click System > Licenses > Remove All Entitlements.
  5. Choose Roadway Reporter from the Application drop-down menu.
  6. Click Remove All Entitlements for application.