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Public Information

The Public Information app template can be used to deploy public-facing mapping applications that highlight areas through authoritative data feeds and social media content, allowing the public to tell a story.


  • Map: Choose the web map to use in your app.
  • Map notes: Add a map notes layer to interactively highlight and narrate areas on the map.
  • Mobile/Embed: A responsive side drawer is shown, depending on the size available, which can be toggled open or closed by the user.
  • Navigation: Include Home and Geolocate buttons to allow users to easily navigate the map.
  • Content: Choose to display geolocated content from Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, and
  • Summary: Provide a brief description of your application.
  • Keywords: Specify search keywords for social media on Flickr and Twitter.
  • Search: Display the Search box to enable navigation to addresses and places.
  • Share: Allow users to share the app with others via social media, email, or by embedding HTML in a blog or website.
  • Basemaps: Enable toggling between two Esri basemaps.
  • Layers: Allow users to toggle between layers.
  • Legend: Display a legend for the layers included in the web map.
  • About: Display information about the web map. You can set the information to display in a window when the app is started.
  • Bookmarks: Enable the use of web map bookmarks for navigation.

You can configure the app using any of the following options:


You must have Internet access to use social media content.

The web map must have bookmarks defined to use bookmarks in the app.

It is possible that web layers will not appear in the legend if you zoom in or out beyond the visible range set in the web map for particular web layers.

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