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Measurement widget

The Measurement widget in 3D apps allows you to measure horizontal, vertical, and direct distance between two points.


In a WGS84 or Web Mercator scene, when the distance between the points is greater than 100 kilometers, the Measurement widget switches to displaying only the horizontal and vertical distances, taking into consideration the curvature of the earth (that is, ellipsoid-based geodesic distance).

Configure the Measurement widget

This widget can be set to open automatically when an app starts. To enable this feature, click the Open this widget automatically when the app starts button Open this widget automatically when the app starts on the widget, which turns it dark green.

  1. Hover over the widget and click the Configure this widget button Configure this widget to open the configuration properties dialog box.
  2. The configuration window for this widget appears. The Default Length Unit parameter allows you to configure the unit of measure for line and polyline measurements. The options are as follows:
    • Metric
    • Imperial
    • Inches
    • Feet
    • Yards
    • Miles
    • Nautical Miles
    • Feet (U.S.)
    • Meters
    • Kilometers
  3. Click OK to close the window when you're finished.

Use the Measurement widget

Click the Measurement widget icon to open it. When the widget is active, you need to click the New Measure button to enable the measurement tool. After clicking New Measure button, click a location on the map and start to move your pointer. A horizontal laser line is drawn to indicate the height at the current mouse position. This line can help in analyzing the heights of objects relative to each other and the terrain. A second laser line shows the intersection of the scene with the vertical plane that passes through the checkered line. The widget labels the direct, horizontal, and vertical orange distance lines and displays the same values in the UI panel. You can always start a new measure by clicking the New Measure button on the widget. .