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Save maps

In Map Viewer, you save maps in the following scenarios:

  • When you first create a map, save it to create a map item.

    You are the owner of the map item.

  • Make changes to a map you own and save your changes.

    You must be the owner of a map to edit and save changes to it.

  • Save a copy of someone else's map. This creates a copy of the map, and you are the owner of it. You can now edit and save changes to this new map.

    You can make a copy of someone else's map only if the owner has enabled the map to allow others to save a copy of it.

  • Make a copy of a map you own. You might do this if you created a map to use as a template that contains the basemap and initial settings you commonly use.

In all these scenarios, you must have privileges to create content.

  1. Verify that you are signed in to the organization.
  2. In Map Viewer, create or open a map.
    • To initially save a map or save changes to a map you own, click Save > Save.
    • To save a copy of a map, click Save > Save As.
  3. If you are saving a map for the first time or saving a copy of a map, follow these steps:
    1. Type a title.
    2. Type tags that describe your map.
      Tags are words or short phrases that describe your map. Separate terms with commas. Federal land is considered one tag, while Federal, land is considered two tags.
    3. Provide a summary that describes the map.
    4. Choose a folder in My Content where you want to save the map and click Save Map.
  4. Tip:

    If you want to change the title of the map after you save it, click the Edit Map Title button Edit Map Title next to the title, modify the title, and click Save.

When you initially save a map or save a copy of a map, a new map item appears on the My Content tab of the content page and is only available to you. Depending on your sharing privileges, you may be able to share your map with groups you belong to, your organization, or everyone (public).

As the map owner, you can also edit the map's item details.