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Refresh snapshots

When you create a snapshot when publishing a map image layer from cloud data warehouse data in ArcGIS Pro, the data returned by the query layer in the map is copied to the relational data store. The map image layer references the data in the relational data store, which may perform better than going to the cloud to query the data warehouse. If the source data changes, you can refresh the snapshot of the data from the layer's item page in the portal.

Follow these steps to refresh the contents of a snapshot layer:

  1. Sign in to the portal.

    You must sign in as the owner of the layer.

  2. Open the item details page for the layer to refresh and click Refresh Snapshot on the Overview tab.

    The Refresh Snapshot pop-up appears showing the layers to be updated.

  3. Click OK to update the snapshot.

    How long it takes to refresh depends on how much data is in the layer.

    A message appears when the refresh operation completes. The date and time the snapshot was refreshed appears on the Overview tab. You may need to refresh your browser to see the updated date.