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Access and manage ArcGIS Data Store logs

ArcGIS Data Store generates log files that you can use to troubleshoot problems you may encounter with the data store.

Access log files

If the creation of the data store fails or you are unable to join a machine to an existing data store, verbose-level logs are written to <ArcGIS Data Store directory>/usr/logs/<machine name>/datastore. The ArcGIS Data Store directory is the one you specified when configuring a data store on the computer. You can view these logs in a text editor to see why creating or joining a data store failed.

Once the data store is created and registered to a GIS Server site, logs for each data store machine are written to the <ArcGIS Data Store directory>/logs/<machine name> directory (default location is datastore/logs).

You can use the View Logs module in ArcGIS Server Manager to view, query, configure, and delete the logs that are written to the logs directory. You can filter for data store logs in the View Logs module by choosing ArcGIS Data Store as the log source type. You can also search by the name of an individual data store machine or the name of a hosted feature service that has data in the data store.

Manage log files

ArcGIS Data Store includes command utilities that allow you to change how long log files are retained and where log files are created. To change the logging level, use ArcGIS Server Manager.

Change logging level

The logging level for ArcGIS Data Store logs is the same as the logging level for the GIS Server site with which it is registered. To change the logging level, sign in to ArcGIS Server Manager and change the level of messages returned.

Change log file retention period

ArcGIS Server retains error logs, including ArcGIS Data Store error logs, for 90 days before they are deleted. If you don't want to keep the log files for that long, you can set a new retention period in ArcGIS Server Manager.

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS Server Manager as an administrator.
  2. Click Logs > Settings to open the Log Settings dialog box.
  3. Change the number next to Keep logs for at least.
  4. Click Save.

Change log file location

You can change the directory where error log files are created by running the changeloglocation utility and specifying a directory on the data store machine.

  1. Create a directory on the data store machine to use for log file storage.
  2. Run the changeloglocation utility, specifying the new directory for the log files.

    In this example, log files will be created in usr/logfiles.

    changeloglocation 'usr/logfiles'