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Administer your organization

Once you have installed Portal for ArcGIS, follow these steps to get your organization up and running:

  1. Customize your portal.
  2. Secure your portal.
  3. Integrate your portal with ArcGIS Server or other server roles.
  4. Configure licensing.
  5. Create member groups and add content.

Customize your portal

Once you have finished installing your portal and are signed in to your account, you can configure the portal website to showcase the geographic information important to your organization. There are options to configure general settings, the home page, the gallery, the map, and security. See Fundamentals of configuring the portal website for more information.

Secure your portal

Before you move into a production environment, you will want to configure your portal's security. To learn about securing your portal, see Configure security settings and Security best practices.

Any content such as layers, services, maps, and apps is secured through groups in the portal. As your organization's administrator, you can create identities for users in your portal and assign them roles. These roles define a specific set of privileges for each user. Learn more about the ArcGIS Enterprise security model.

Integrate your portal with ArcGIS Server or other server roles

Optionally, you can integrate your organization's ArcGIS Server site with your portal. This provides many benefits, such as helping you organize your services into web maps and controlling access to your services through portal roles. To learn more, see Integrate your server with ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Server licensing roles.

Configure licensing

Apps can be purchased for your ArcGIS Enterprise organization as part of user types or separately as add-on apps. These apps will be included in your portal license file. See An introduction to licensing apps through your portal to learn more.

Create member groups and add content

Create groups that members can join and add content with which they can initially interact. To learn more about groups, see Manage groups. Learn how to add items and publish in ArcGIS Enterprise.

To become more familiar with ArcGIS Enterprise, explore ArcGIS Enterprise quick lessons.