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An introduction to licensing ArcGIS Runtime through your portal

ArcGIS Runtime licenses are required for users who want to deploy ArcGIS Runtime apps into production. There are four ArcGIS Runtime license levels: Lite, Basic, Standard, and Advanced. Each licensing level is associated with a set of capabilities.

ArcGIS Runtime levels can be licensed through user types or through a license key. You must assign a user type with the appropriate ArcGIS Runtime level to members of your organization based on the level of access they need. The following table lists which ArcGIS Runtime level is included with each user type:

ArcGIS Runtime license levelUser type
ArcGIS Runtime Lite

Included in user types with view capabilities, such as the Viewer and Lite user types

ArcGIS Runtime Basic

Included in user types with view and edit capabilities, such as the Editor, Mobile Worker, and Basic user types

ArcGIS Runtime Standard

Included in user types with view, edit, create, and manage capabilities, such as the Creator, GIS Professional Basic, and Standard user types

ArcGIS Runtime Advanced

Included in the GIS Professional Standard, GIS Professional Advanced, and Advanced user types

The ArcGIS Runtime add-on Runtime Analysis extension is compatible with any user type that includes the ArcGIS Runtime Advanced or ArcGIS Runtime Standard level.