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An overview of ArcGIS Data Store configuration

Follow these steps to configure ArcGIS Data Store for use with an ArcGIS Enterprise portal:

  1. Configure ArcGIS Server and Portal for ArcGIS.

    You must create an ArcGIS GIS Server site to be used as the ArcGIS Enterprise portal's hosting server before you can create a data store.

  2. Install ArcGIS Data Store.
  3. If you require communication with ArcGIS Data Store to always authenticate through SSL using a certificate from a certifying authority, replace the default ArcGIS Data Store certificate.
  4. Create a relational data store.
  5. If you require high availability for the data store, add a data store machine.
  6. Specify a shared location for backups.
  7. If you require that different types of data stores be used with the portal's hosting server, repeat steps 2 through 6 on additional machines. In step 4, create the additional data store type that you require.


See Esri technical article 25639, which includes links to technical papers to help you deploy a tile cache data store to meet your hosted scene layer needs.