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Frequently asked questions about webhooks

This topic lists questions or issues that you may encounter when working with webhooks and suggests possible solutions.

ArcGIS Enterprise is deployed in a disconnected environment behind my organization's firewall. Can I still configure webhooks?

Yes. To configure webhooks, you must use a payload URL that is reachable by your ArcGIS Enterprise portal. To do so, you can build a custom application and deploy it on your internal server.

What constitutes an update for an item, user, or group?

If you subscribed to updates for your portal items, users, and groups, your webhook triggers whenever their properties have been updated. For example, if you have subscribed to updates for a specific item in your portal, your webhook triggers if an update was made to the item's title, tags, or thumbnail. A way to determine whether an action constitutes an update in your portal is to examine the network traffic. Any time an action results in the Update operation being called, that same action can also trigger a webhook that is listening for updates.

I am using Integrated Windows Authentication in my ArcGIS Enterprise portal. Can I still subscribe to users signing in and out of the portal (user/<username>/signIn)?

Starting at 10.9, you can use the /signin trigger event to capture sign-in events for portal authentication, web-tier authentication, and enterprise logins.

What happens if my payload URL goes down or becomes unavailable? Is there a way to recover a payload that was not delivered?

When you set up organization webhooks for your users, groups, and items, you have the option to configure advanced parameters that determine how and when the portal attempts another delivery when a payload fails to send, and a deactivation policy that will deactivate the webhook if attempts to deliver a payload continue to fail. If the portal attempts to deliver a payload to an unreachable or unresponsive payload URL or webhook receiver, the advanced parameters you set will determine how many additional attempts the portal will make to deliver the payload. If these additional attempts also fail, it will count as one failure toward the deactivation policy.

You can also view a webhook's notification status to view all attempted payload deliveries and determine whether they were delivered successfully or not.

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