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Aggregate Multidimensional Raster (Map Viewer Classic)

Aggregate Multidimensional Raster The Aggregate Multidimensional Raster tool generates a multidimensional raster dataset by combining existing multidimensional raster variables along a dimension.


This tool is now available in Map Viewer, the modern map-making tool in ArcGIS Enterprise. To learn more, see Aggregate Multidimensional Raster (Map Viewer).

To run this tool, the organization must be configured for raster analytics.

If you do not see this tool in Map Viewer Classic, contact your organization administrator. Your portal may not be configured for raster analysis, or you may not have the privileges required to run the tool.

Workflow diagram

Aggregate Multidimensional Raster workflow


Given 30 years of sea surface temperature data, collected monthly at every 5 meters depth up to 100 meters, aggregate data in the following ways:

  • Aggregate monthly temperature data into yearly data.
  • Aggregate monthly temperature data into 4-month intervals.
  • Aggregate temperature data from 0 to 25 meters, then from 25 to 50 meters, and then from 50 to 100 meters.


Analysis environment settings are additional parameters that affect a tool's results. You can access the tool's analysis environment settings by clicking the gear icon Analysis Environments at the top of the tool pane.

This tool honors the following Analysis Environments:

  • Output coordinate system—Specifies the coordinate system of the output layer.
  • Extent—Specifies the area to be used for analysis.
  • Snap Raster—Adjusts the extent of the output so it matches the cell alignment of the specified snap raster layer.
  • Cell size—The cell size to use in the output layer.
  • Resampling method—The method to use to interpolate pixel values.
  • Parallel processing factor—Controls the raster processing CPU or GPU instances.

Similar tools and raster functions

Use Aggregate Multidimensional Raster to mathematically combine slices in a multidimensional raster. Other tools may be useful in solving similar problems.

ArcGIS Pro analysis tools and raster functions

The Aggregate Multidimensional Raster geoprocessing tool is available in the Image Analyst and the Spatial Analyst toolboxes.

Aggregate Multidimensional Raster is also available as a raster function.

ArcGIS Enterprise developers resources

If you are working in ArcGIS REST API, use the Aggregate Multidimensional Raster task.

If you are working in ArcGIS API for Python, use aggregate_multidimensional_rasterArcGIS for Python API website from the module.