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Configure floor-aware maps

Floor-aware maps contain indoor GIS data that is organized into floor-aware layers, with features linked together in a floor plan hierarchy. They allow you to visualize and analyze indoor spatial data for various purposes. For example, you can use a floor-aware map to visualize space use in a large office building to determine where changes to office assignments would improve team proximity, maintain social distancing requirements, and conserve resources.

A floor-aware map contains at least two floor-aware feature layers: one representing facilities (such as office buildings or medical facilities) and one representing levels, or floors, in a facility. Floor-aware maps can also include additional layers, such as a sites layer representing collections of facilities (for example, a college campus) and a units layer representing features such as rooms and hallways.

If your organization is licensed with an ArcGIS Indoors Maps extension, you can configure floor-aware maps in Map Viewer by setting the map's indoor layer properties. After configuring and saving the floor-aware map, you can share it to allow others to view and explore the indoor data using the floor filtering tool in Map Viewer.


If your organization does not have the ArcGIS Indoors Maps extension license, you can still open and view floor-aware maps in Map Viewer.

To configure floor-aware maps in Map Viewer, do the following:

  1. Confirm that you are signed in and, if you want to save your changes, that you have privileges to create content.
  2. Open a map that contains floor-aware feature layers or add the layers directly.
  3. On the Contents (dark) toolbar, click Map properties Map properties.
  4. In the Indoor layers section of the Map properties pane, turn on the Enable floor filtering toggle button.
  5. Choose the layers that correspond to the locations in your map.

    At minimum, you must specify a polygon feature layer representing facilities and a polygon feature layer representing floors.

  6. Optionally, do the following to specify additional point, line, or polygon feature layers in your map to include in floor filtering:
    1. Click Add layers.
    2. In the Add layers window, choose a layer and click Next.
    3. Choose the attribute field that contains the floor-level ID for features in the layer and click Add.
    4. Repeat the above steps to add more layers.
  7. On the Contents toolbar, click Save and open Save and open and click Save Save to save the floor configuration to the map.